Penggunaan Preposition Of Time (For)

Penggunaan Preposition Of Time For. Maksudnya adalah kata depan waktu dalam bahasa inggris yang menggunakan FOR.


We use for + a periode of time to say how long something goes on.

Kita menggunakan FOR : periode waktu untuk mengatakan berapa lama kejadian terjadi.

>> For six years, for two hours, for a week, dan lain lain.

I’ve lived in this house for six years

We watched televison for two hours last night

Ann is going away for a week in September

Where have you been? I’ve  been waiting for hours

Are you going away for the weekend?

It rained for three days without stopping.

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Contoh Kalimat Prepositon Of Time : FOR

I waited for you for half an hour and then decided that you weren’t coming

He hasn’t lived in Haiti all his life. He lived in france for four years

I felt really sick last week. I couldn’t eat anything for three days

Sue was very angry after aour argument. She didn’t speak to me for a week

Jack started a new job a few weeks ago. Before that he was out of work for six months


Penggunaan for dalam prepositon of time  saat menyampaikan priode waktu yang sudah terjadi, sedang terjadi dan akan terjadi. Periode jumlah waktu For 3 years, for a week, for two month

I’ve stayed here for one weeks.

She’s going to watch cinema for two hours.

I was at college for 6 hours yesterday.


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